Difficulties for job seekers

CVs and cover letters are often not enough to directly demonstrate to employers that an individual is a suitable candidate. These days, it seems easier to find a job with referrals, high recommendations from trustworthy references, and verified data sources. Furthermore, some job seekers lack the necessary skills to fairly represent themselves or have deficiencies in interpersonal skills but may be strong in technical skills required to perform well in the labor duties.

  1. Some job ads are outdated or do not reflect the reality of the occupations work itinerary.

  2. While traditional recruitment sites are an effective way to find new job opportunities, individuals are inertly trusting their support to find them a job. Contrarily, the recruitment services main priority is to the customers who are paying to use their services (employers), and often times suggest matches for the paying customers instead of the active users.

  3. Individuals who submit CVs and cover letters to recruitment sites often times get overwhelmed with matches and this can occasionally reflect negatively for job-seekers as someone who is unresponsive or uninterested in a job.

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