How DeHR wins the market

According to IBISWorld’s research, the market size which is measured by revenue of the global HR & Recruitment Services industry in 2021 is 737 Billion US dollars. This reflects an increase of 7.9% in 2021 which is faster than the economy overall and the Global Business activities sector.
What if DeHR can build a large user database which is highly trusted? It is definitely a blue ocean to DeFi/Financial Services, Healthcare, eCommerce, Entertainment sectors etc... to provide best customized products and services.
Lets just make an example of the Recruitment Market: traditional job posting sites characteristically is a “middleman” which have a tendency to sell data of Job Seekers to the hiring companies. This manner of recruitment rises two key uncertainties:
(1) Hiring companies face challenges to find suitable candidates with an efficient cost of hiring since the more they open CV's contacts, the higher cost they have to pay for the posting platform
(2) Job-seekers may not be receiving a fair amount of consideration for their job opportunities that they deserve. Or they might receive too many contacts just because the platform assign the price which is too low compared to their job level
Why this happens? It is the business model of the middleman - The Platform. They have to charge someone so compensate for their business cost and profit. That is where DeHR come into to solve many Human Resources short-comings with modern blockchain technology and web3.0 dApps that leads to Win-Win-Win outcome:
  1. 1.
    Jobseekers now decide what they really need upon joining the network: if a Jobseeker truly need a job, just set his/her contact data equal to ZERO, then All hiring companies can access his/her resume and offer him/her job opportunities. If he/she are still happy with current position and open to explore a better journey, just simply set price to the expected amount eg. $1000, any companies that are willing to pay for this should be considered a serious and potential deal. Will you be open to take their call and discuss about the chance?
  2. 2.
    Hiring companies now can access to unlimited candidates around the world and approach those who really need a job at zero cost (exempt transaction fee). More than that, companies now have an efficient way to look at trust level of each profile. That is the key thing no such a platform now can offer
  3. 3.
    DeHR network: the more transaction that happens in the Dapp, the more fee DeHR would collect for the network to keep its operation
With the influx of blockchain users growing every day, it is conceivable that DeHR can lead the path in revolutionizing the way HR is used in the daily global workforce.