Token Distribution

The Maximum Total Supply is 1B Token in which:

  • Token Sales: includes all tokens allocated for strategic and public sales. Tokens reserved for our initial offering will be released on vesting schedule that is planned accordingly to each round.

  • Marketing / Development: This pool is designed to reward DEHR Users with numerous activities on DeHR Platform included submitting CV, verify, endorse, review to enrich the DEHR network. Our Rewarding mechanism will be announced and shared transparently to public when we launch the Beta Product.

  • Liquidity: Reserved for DEX, CEX liquidity provision.

  • Team: is reserved as compensation for current and future DEHR team including team members and founders. All Team tokens are subject to lockups and vesting periods starting 6 months after TGE.

  • Advisor: are allotted for strategic work done in legal, technical, and business efforts to advance the adoption of the network. All tokens are subject to lockups and vesting periods starting 3 months after TGE.

  • Ecosystem reserved: This is the growth pool for DEHR features & partnership which is operated by Governance / Voting right from DEHR holder.

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