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How the $DEHR token works:

Pro-users (Employers) pay users (job seekers, students, professionals) DeHR tokens to access their data. DeHR users may then submit DeHR tokens into a community token pool where validators, evaluators, and service providers aggregate the sensitive data for pro-users to view. Furthermore, DeHR stakeholders can also participate in community governance, rewards activities, and token staking.
DeHR allows users to set the price of their data and then receive DeHR tokens when pro-users access their passport. Users will have opportunities to earn DeHR everyday through daily actions and will be allowed to create their DeHR fee to be contacted by pro-users. With the transparency of blockchain, employers will be able to eliminate the guesswork of the hiring process as job-seekers will be incentivized to provide CVs, references, validated data, job experiences, and other qualifications which assist in employers making knowledgeable decisions during the hiring process. From student, to employee, to professional employer; DeHR offers utility through the course of many careers.