AMA Question

We've collected the questions which were usually asked n our AMA. If you have not joined any our AMA yet, check it for details of project.

What is Project DeHR? Can you simply introduce about DeHR's operating model for AMA participants to understand?

What kind of a team is there building DeHR overall? Could you give us a short introduction about your project and your team?

What is the core problem that DEHR can solve? How you come up with this idea?

What make you different from other players like LinkedIn, Facebook & nother Traditional HR Platform ?

What is DEHR Token utility? how would it capture value within your ecosystem overall? Could you please share your tokenomics in general?

eing a user, how I can earn on DEHR?

If I represent for a company and looking for candidate, I have to spend a lot of money to buy CVs?

DEHR is DECENTRALIZE SOCIAL CAREER METAVERSE, can you explain for Metaverse feature on your platform?

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